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Oxford, Derbies, Loafers, Boots or Sneakers ?


The tastes are unique and the uses are multiple. It is from this idea that Finsbury now offers more than 150 models in many shapes ranging from Oxford to derby, from boots to sneakers, from loafers to buckle shoes.

However, what is the difference between these different models and what can we expect from each of them? We review all the models in our wide range to help you find the right shoe for you!


Sewn from a single piece of leather, the Oxford's closed lacing offers a fine and elegant appearance at the foot of the man.

This shoe shape is ideal for people with a small instep and a relatively narrow foot. It is the ultimate refined model and goes perfectly with a stylish formal outfit for work or a chic and stylish evening.

richelieu Finsbury


Sewn from two pieces of leather, the open lacing of the Derby offers a less formal style than the Oxford.

It is suitable for people with a more developed instep and offers extremely appreciable comfort because its open lacing (quarters slammed on the upper leaving the guarantors free, "flap opening") allows it to better adapt to the shape of the foot.

derby Finsbury


There is the single buckle model (single buckle) and the double buckle model (two buckle). The buckles are the boundary between the Oxford and the Derby.

It is perfectly suited to men who want an original shoe: less formal than the Oxford model but more trendy than the Derby model.

boucles Finsbury


Both casual and chic, this model is a very versatile piece that will go with many outfits.

Without shoelaces, it is also very comfortable and suitable for people with medium to strong instep.


mocassins Finsbury


Originally designed for sports, the Sneaker model is the ultimate casual model.

A must for men's fashion, it offers exceptional comfort for a relaxed effect in all circumstances.

sneaker Finsbury



Mainly inspired from winter collections, the boot has made its way into the men's wardrobe for its trendy and offbeat side.

The boots offer an important comfort to your foot.

bottines Finsbury

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