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Elegance at your toes

For modern-day gentlemen, style is all about the whole, never the half. For perfectionists, the company offers a wide range of accessories. Whether the look is classic, a little whimsical or downright eccentric, it is essential to be able to match or mismatch the accessories that make up your outfit.

Passion is the key word at Finsbury, and is the reason for the brand's creation. Just slip on a leather shoe and this love of beautiful materials and workmanship takes on its full meaning. Present in each shoe made, the know-how of small hands shines through in a perfect alliance of tradition and modernity.

Ceremony: what color shoes to match with your suit?

Here we are! The wedding season is fast approaching. Whether you are the groom, the best man or a guest, you will need a pair of elegant and comfortable shoes to match this happy event. If you're still undecided on your choice of shoes or if you simply don't know what color is best for your......


Why you must have monks ?

Monks are shoes with style! It is easy to recognize them thanks to their lack of laces and their two-buckle fastening system. It is a model well known to the elegant gentlemen present at Pitti Uomo in Milano (Italy), but it's still not enough present in men's dressing rooms. Despite its......


What to wear this autumn ?

It's autumn, the season of falling leaves and uncertain weather that heralds the return of the cold. The big question of the season: "What to wear? "Should you keep your summer clothes or take out your winter ones? Should you stay in moccasins or dust off your boots? To help you, we have decided......

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