The security of your payments

Security is guaranteed on the site by an expert payment solution. 
No order will be confirmed and dispatched without this double payment validation.
Data are not stored either by Finsbury nor the payment solution.

A security expert solution

The payment solution enables us to accept payment by VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and BANCONTACT.
To ensure a high level of security, we only accept 3D secure payment, which means you may receive a secret code from your own bank to complete the transaction.

Secure payment
the different steps

1. Search on, find the products you want and add items to your basket;
2. Once you have chosen your items, go to your basket;
3. Enter your card details and click on "CLICK AND PAY";
4. You will then be redirected onto your own bank secured page to confirm the payment;
5. After receiving authorisation a message is automatically sent to and a receipt of your payment will appear on your screen;
6. You and will be informed of the payment acceptance by email.

Please note that your payment may be refused, either because the secret code you entered is not correct or because the card you are using doesn't have enough funds. In that case, please check with your bank first.