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The 5 must-have shoes for the wardrobe

If there is one subject that is vast in the men's wardrobe it is shoes. For some men, two or three pairs are enough, while for others, a doz...

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If there is one subject that is vast in the men's wardrobe it is shoes. For some men, two or three pairs are enough, while for others, a dozen are needed. In our opinion, at Finsbury, 5 types of shoes are essential and we will present them to you:


Oxford Shoes


Sewn from a single piece of leather, the closed lacing of the Richelieu gives a fine, dressed look to a man's foot. The richelieu, also known as Oxford Shoes among our Anglo-Saxon friends, is the timeless and must-have of the men's dressing room.

It is perfectly suited to people with moderate and moderately narrow insteps. It is the refined model par excellence and can be worn with a formal outfit for work or a smart and dressy evening.

Expert's opinion: A reference in men's footwear, the Richelieu shoe remains the most popular and best-selling model over the long term.

Very versatile, the richelieu accompanies the most elegant models of the elegant man. Ceremony, work, the richelieu remains a chic end to men's clothing.

The "one cut" models (models with no seams on the entire upper) with a more Latin philosophy are now also mounted on shorter lasts, maintaining the strong attraction of men for this type of product.

The current trend: a one-cut richelieu, accompanied by a small discreet flower on the toe, on a medium-short last, all in glossy brown patinated leather.

Beware, some strong or developed insteps could encounter some difficulties with the fit of a richelieu.



Here : Model Consul black

Oxford Shoes >




Unlike a Richelieu, the Derby shoe is sewn from two pieces of leather. Its open lacing offers a less formal style than the Richelieu shoe.

The Derby shoe, or sometimes called Derbies, is suitable for people with a more assertive instep and is extremely comfortable because its open lacing allows it to better adapt to the shape of the foot.

Expert's Opinion: A must-have in classic footwear, the derby has a more casual image than the classic Richelieu.

These 2 quarters, generally accompanied by 4/5 eyelets (rarely more), give it a decidedly less dressy look than the richelieu, even if it will go very elegantly with all your suits.

The current trend: A derby is often combined with a thick or thin rubber sole, giving it a practical function in rainy weather or for sustained urban use.

It is also the preferred product of active city dwellers who have swapped their suits for dark jeans and white shirts for casual wear.






 Here : Models Clifton NoyerPrieure


Chelsea Boots


Mainly inspired by winter collections, the boot, also known as a man's bootie, has made a place for itself in men's wardrobes for its trendy and offbeat side.

Expert's opinion: Beyond the dandy chic/rock spirit that it conveys, the elasticated boot, also known as a Chelsea, is no less practical and elegant. A true icon of youth, it is now worn by the majority of people, generally at the end of the week, and retains a rebellious, offbeat "so British" spirit, although new, more angular shapes are taking it towards more assertive looks.

Practical because it is easy to put on, it also protects the ankle and allows you to dress up an area where sometimes jeans no longer fit.

Elegant, there's no mistaking it with jeans, the Chelsea boot will accompany you without fail when you go out, in black, dark brown and gold patina versions. The brown suede version has a more weekend feel and is definitely less dressy.

I would add "versatile" to finish because more and more people wear them with suits, but you have to make sure that the bottom of the trousers doesn't get caught on your boot top, it looks bad at the office ????

In short, young or old, it is unanimously accepted!

The current trend: With or without elastic, the men's boot can accompany you all winter as well with a chino or jeans. Often with a rubber sole to improve comfort, the boot can accompany you during the week as well as at the weekend.





 Here : Model Killsley Veau Velours




Both casual and chic, the men's moccasin is a very versatile shoe that can be worn with many outfits in both summer and winter.

Without laces, they are also very comfortable.

Slippers, tassels, lace-ups or even spikes, there are many models of men's moccasins to suit all tastes.

The expert's opinion: the range of loafers is wide, it can be both a formal model, very well known in its Penny Loafer form (College model at Finsbury), but it also includes all the more casual spring and summer models, which many people now wear without socks.

Although less worn in its formal version for some time, its success is undeniable in more whimsical and acidic versions.

In very supple leathers or coloured suede versions, they are part of the obligatory casual chic look from April to the end of September for nice evenings with friends.

A little advice: choose moccasins with a calf lining for greater comfort and good perspiration absorption. Don't worry, Finsbury never breaks this rule!

The current trend: A suede moccasin with a chino for beautiful summer evenings and a leather moccasin for beautiful days at work.





 Here: Model Brecourt



Sneaker :



Originally designed for sports, the Sneaker model or more commonly known as the trainer is the casual model par excellence.

A must-have in men's fashion, they offer exceptional comfort for a casual effect in all circumstances, thanks in particular to their rubber sole.

Expert opinion: A real revolution over the last 5 years, the sneaker or more popularly known as the Basket is now a must-have for the modern man, whether young or old.

There are now many variations, the classic trainer is a Bottier version of a trainer, with a simple pattern, beautiful skins and a rubber sole for an ideal compromise between comfort and elegance.

More recently, haute couture has taken up this phenomenon and customised sports models to make them fashion icons. At Finsbury, the trend is to combine sporty running styles with ultra-technical soles and comfort, while keeping our shoe-making spirit. The end result is leather sneakers with an unrivalled transparency and absolute comfort.

The current trend: Increasingly present in everyday life, especially following the great success of the Stan Smith from Adidas, including with a suit, leather trainers will break the formal look of a suit and give you a casual look.

Here: Copan


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