Here we are! The wedding season is fast approaching. Whether you are the groom, the best man or a guest, you will need a pair of elegant and comfortable shoes to match this happy event.

If you're still undecided on your choice of shoes or if you simply don't know what color is best for your suit, we help you make the best combinations. We tell you everything:

The shoes to match with a gray suit

The gray suit is one of the classics, whether it is plain or patterned. This color being neutral, it will be associated quite easily with many different colors of shoes.

However, it will work particularly well with warmer colors, which stand out visually by contrasting with it. So go for dark brown, burgundy, and navy blue tones.

Here is our selection:

-        Giulia Burgundy Patina

-        Venezia Blue

-        Feliciano Brown Patina

-        Cambridge Gold Patina

-        Beckett Brown Wallnut

-        Elvis Black

For tails, used more frequently for traditional and formal weddings, we are generally in the gray palettes, so black shoes will be de rigueur.

Very sober, a richelieu one cut like the Broadway, Giulia or even more classic Oxford will give you a very chic look!

Especially for a tails suit, you need a shoe without ornamentation. Quite similar to what is recommended for the tuxedo finally, read our advice below.


We present a complete catalog ranging in size from 5 to 13.

The shoes to match with a beige suit

Quick friendly advice, the suits in these tones are no longer too current, we do not recommend it. The only exception is if you are getting married in linen.

For a country or bohemian wedding for example, the natural linen suit, in the palettes of beige, greige is a must have. In this case, opt for the suede calf. The Olden Brown SuedeElvis Brown Suede or Whitney Dark Brown Suede will be as comfortable as they are elegant.

Leather is also allowed for linen. We will then direct you to moccasins. Worn without socks, our Marco loafers on a linen suit (or even more formal for that matter), you will be very elegant!

For a beach wedding, Dandy or Will Navy Suede models with a linen suit will be a perfect and tasteful match.


We present a complete catalog ranging in size from 5 to 13. 

The shoes to match with a black suit

The black suit is the classic and timeless of the male wardrobe. It is not in bad taste but simply not appropriate. Indeed, the wedding is a joyful day so enhance this dull color with a touch of cheerfulness.

The only black allowed is the tuxedo!

Black for the bride and groom is not recommended, for the witnesses we do not recommend it and if you are invited, then add some punch with color on the accessories and especially the shoes.

It is absolutely necessary to contrast with burgundy, gray, gold for example. The color to avoid with a black suit is chocolate brown.

If you have only one suit and it is black, then opt for light tones. Buckle shoes are very trendy nowadays, the Cambridge gold for example will go perfectly well and will enhance the dullness of the black. The Feliciano grey patina will also suit a more classic look. We then recommend lightening up with a light cardigan to brighten up the ensemble.

Our timeless :

-        Consul Brown

-        Umberto Burgundy Patina, Grey ou Brown

-        Silvio Brown Patina

-        Cambridge Gold Patina

-        Giulia Gold Patina

For a little eccentricity and only if you are not the groom, the Diplomat Gold will warm up the classic black suit. With a nice matching belt, it will be brighter. 



We present a complete catalog ranging in size from 5 to 13. 

The shoes to match with a smoking

We are in the image of the tailcoat wedding, tasteful but sober. If it is the evening suit, the tuxedo can be appropriate.

Who says tuxedo says James Bond and therefore black shoes. You can bring a touch of elegance with patent shoes, they will bring out impeccably the shape of the tuxedo while adding a special touch to your outfit.

Here is our selection:

-        Campoli Black, the ultimate Finsbury patent shoe

-        Belem Black Suede

-        Andreas Black

-        Broadway Black


We present a complete catalog ranging in size from 5 to 13. 

The shoes to match with a blue suit

Let's face it, today navy blue for a wedding is not very common. More formal and conventional, the navy blue suit is a little less chosen for a wedding and we do not recommend it for the groom, nor for the witnesses and guests

The blues offered by tailors are in shades of dark blue and royal blue, more current (the blue of Emmanuel Macron for example).

The range of blue suits is wide, so for a beautiful wedding day or ceremony, opt for all variations of blue, much more current. In addition, this color loved by all, combines well with colors and materials!

Indeed, with a blue suit you can wear a pair of suede (calfskin) or leather shoes, which increases the possibilities.

For the color of the shoe, here are our recommendations: BROWN! In all its shades, brown will go perfectly well with a blue suit like the Consul Brown or Elvis Chestnut.

Want to vary a bit from the brown shoe color? For more casual weddings, opt for colors in shades of blue or choose a pattern that will break up dramatically like burgundy. It's all about making a statement!

-        Umberto Burgundy Patina

-        Cambridge Gold Patina

-        Silvio Brown Patina

-        Giulia Gold Patina


We present a complete catalog ranging in size from 5 to 13. 

An atypical weeding?

You feel the desire to break the codes and opt for an unusual wedding? What if you wore a pair of sneakers for your wedding? Stand out and make your wedding a real change from the usual by choosing our white sneakers to wear on your big day!

Our Riva White sneakers are a beauty! They would go for a rock'n'roll and unconventional wedding or simply as a second part of the evening.


To recap, here are the rules to follow:

- Always combine:

o The belt with the shoes

o The tie with the clutch

- Never more than 3 colors

- Never tone on tone (blue suit, blue shoes) It is allowed rather to stay in the same tones / shades (light blue suit, dark blue shoes)

- And above all, be comfortable in your shoes, the day is going to be long so you need to feel comfortable.


Finally, at a time when all the codes are being rewritten, you should not forbid yourself anything but exchange your ideas to avoid making a mistake in taste, which can be fatal on that day. So ask our salesmen for advice! The best way to find what you need and to be sure that the model suits you is to come to the store with your costume or a photo. There is bound to be a store near you, we have 75 boutiques in France but also in Belgium and Luxembourg. So, don't hesitate to visit us, our salesmen will be more than happy to welcome you and advise you because we are convinced at Finsbury, that you will find the right shoe for you.


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