As we recently commented, there are 6 types of men's shoes (oxford, derby, loafers, buckle, sneaker and boots). To these types of shoes, the tips of these can also be differentiated. Indeed, 4 specific tips are present on the Finsbury ranges: one-cut, straight, golf and flowery.

The "one-cut" or plain end

The "one-cut" refers to a one-piece piece of shoe on which there is no stitching, so slamming is simple. This sleek toe gives your pair of shoes the ultimate elegance.

 richelieu one cut Giulia Finsbury

The stretch

The stretch is a stretch on which a piece of leather has been added. It can be formed from a simple seam or perforations. In this case, it is called "perforated stretch". It is the classic tip par excellence.

  richelieu droit Consul Finsbury

The golf tip

Like the stretch, a piece of leather is also added to the toe of the shoe. Here, however, the part is more complex and extends to the back of the shoe.

 richelieu golf Strand Finsbury

The flowered tip

The tip of a shoe can also be floral. In this case, it has several decorative perforations (usually of different sizes) on the vamp. A flowery shoe can very well have a plain toe, straight or golf.

richelieu fleuri Winner Finsbury

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