Monks are shoes with style!

It is easy to recognize them thanks to their lack of laces and their two-buckle fastening system. It is a model well known to the elegant gentlemen present at Pitti Uomo in Milano (Italy), but it's still not enough present in men's dressing rooms.

Despite its particular shape, the double buckle or sometimes called double monk is very easy to wear. They have their place in any wardrobe.

Here is all there is to know about this model.


The double buckle shoe is probably the most versatile shoe in the men's wardrobe. In terms of formality, it is somewhere between a richelieu and a derby.

If you wear a lot of grey or anthracite colours, you should choose black. If you have a majority of blue suits or outfits, brown is the best colour.

Note that it is not so formal because it can also be worn with good old jeans.


Its big advantage is that with today's style you can almost match it with everything.

These shoes can be worn casually with jeans and a jacket, but also in business casual with flannel trousers and a blazer. You just have to play with the material to be in the right mood: with flannel trousers, take them in suede (gatwick model). With jeans, leather will go very well.

As far as suits are concerned, anything goes. Double monks shoes can be worn with tweed, hopsack or worsted wool, as long as you choose the right colour.

As a reminder, with a grey or black suit choose the black shoe, for blue suits, the brown double buckle.



At Finsbury Shoes, we offer several buckle styles.
We have single buckles with the Gatwick (black model below) and Beckett (walnut model)


In double buckles, we find the eternal CAMBRIDGE (brown one) and our new 2021 model, the Italian leather FELICIANO (grey one).

This new hand-patinated model, available in grey or brown, is part of the Tradizione collection.
Made of high quality Italian leather, this model is solid, comfortable, elegant and stylish.
Its leather sole will give you a good fit, comfort and style and its toe cap will allow a better longevity of the pair. Don't hesitate and go for this new 2021 model!

Now, you have to choose which one do you prefer.

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