Shoe care accessories

Finsbury shoes deserve regular maintenance with quality products. 
Without this, their longevity, aesthetic appeal and comfort won't be optimal. It is advisable to exclusively use our products and to follow our Expert Advice to make your shoes last as long as possible

Accessoires d'entretien


Our shoe trees are made exclusively from wood, are available in every size and are adapted to the shape of your shoe.
With the possibility of adjusting their length and width, shoe trees maintain the shape of the main body of the shoe and minimise inelegant-looking creases.
They absorb the moisture from your shoes and hence optimise their longevity.
Placing shoe trees in your shoes is the most important way in which you can look after your shoes!

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Our different types of polish are all enriched with natural beeswax.
You are strongly advised not to polish your shoes with colourless polish as this will damage the colour and the patina of the shoes.
Polish must be applied with a soft cloth. 
After a few minutes to give the polish chance to dry your shoes must be polished.

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Our different types of waterproofing spray are exclusively designed for velvet calfskin leather. 
This spray must never be used on the smooth leather of your shoes.
The spray is offered in black or brown to enhance the colour of your shoes

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